We are the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Foundation

Our mission is to create an emf recovery center - often called a white zone - a community free from electromagnetic radiation where electromagnetically sensitive people can heal.



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Every day more scientists and doctors are generating more research showing ever clearer links between electromagnetic radiation (emr) and a variety of harmful effects. More activists are pushing for new legislation, better policy, and greater public awareness of the need for change. All of this is necessary, but it is coming at far too slow a pace for those who are most severely affected.

People are being driven from their homes because their neighbor's wifi is giving them heart palpitations, or because cell towers are making them sick, and in most countries public housing agencies won't take their condition into account in providing a new home, even when they have a medical diagnosis. People all over the world are living in tents or campers, and are leaving their jobs because they need to escape. More than research, lobbying, and awareness campaigns, these people need a home. A place where they can be healthy.

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What are we doing about it?

Someday we would like to see recovery centers in every country on earth, because this condition affects people in every country on earth. We view our project as a pilot project, an effort that can be replicated countless times. The idea is to lease or purchase a plot of land and build a community of healers. Right now we are looking for land in southern Europe, but people from all over the world will be welcome to join us. It isn't just about having a bed to sleep in away from dangerous radiation - we want people to be actively engaged in the community, working in the communal garden, maintaining the community, and engaging in therapeutic practices such as meditation and yoga.


How can you help?

Right now our focus is on fundraising.  You can follow the link at the bottom of the page to donate right now, or, more importantly, you can spread the word to any individuals or organizations who might be able to help. But that's not all you can do. If you suffer from EHS yourself you can get in touch via our contact us page or through facebook. Tell us your story. If you've been looking for a refuge, tell us what it means to you, tell us what features you're looking for.  Ask questions. Make suggestions. Problems like this don't get solved by a few people doing a lot but by a lot of people doing a little.